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The Sweet Health is an email information project formed from The Sweet Lifestyle. Here we share daily insight into the incredible world of alternative health to help you take a proactive approach to your health and wellbeing. 

We have spent years researching the internet, listening and speaking with leading experts, and conducting our own experiments to seek out the best ways to achieve peak health, personal development, financial freedom, and a life of adventure.

Our bodies are capable of amazing things, including unbelievable healing powers, as long as we are given the right tools to do the job. While western medicine is an incredible tool, there are other tools in the toolbox, and a natural approach to our wellbeing often seems to be favoured by the human body, especially when considering the side effects that accompany many western medicines. 

Our bodies and our brains are capable of miracles, we just need to relearn how to harness these abilities after decades of reliance upon pills for any and every issue we face.

The Sweet Health aims to share what we have learned from studying the experts and organizes it into an easily digestible format so that you can take advantage of this information immediately. We are not experts, but we have compiled years of information from experts, that we have then pitted against other experts to see how it all sticks. The information we will share daily is often what we have personally experimented with or implemented into our daily lives with positive, surprising, and often exceptional results.

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